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Mother and Father, Come on, Avoid the habit of fighting in front of your child

Disputes triggered by differences of opinion in the household are sometimes difficult to avoid. However, no matter how much conflict the Mother and Father are facing, avoid fighting in front of your child, because it will have a negative impact on his physical and psychological condition. The parental argument referred to here is not only when Mother and Father throw physical abuse or physical quarreling, but also when Mother and Father do not talk or talk to each other. Impact of Arguing in Front of Children Arguing in front of a child can make him feel scared, worried, insecure, and stressed at home. This is because the sense of security a child feels is influenced by how good or strong the parent's relationship is. If left unchecked, a fight between Mother and Father can increase the risk of your child experiencing: Sleep disturbance. Stress, anxiety and depression Eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia. Headache and stomachache. Conflicts are similar to thei
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Don't Worry, Mother, Jet Lag in Children Can Be Overcome This Way

Little is difficult to sleep or even fussy after traveling through the air? If so, maybe he has jet lag. Here are some ways you can do to overcome jet lag in children. The most common symptom of jet lag is difficulty sleeping. Jet lag in children usually appears after the child has traveled through different time zones, especially when traveling by plane. How to Help Overcome Jet Lag in Children Jet lag is usually characterized by symptoms of insomnia, body and fuss. In some children, jet lag is also often associated with constipation, diarrhea, and flatulence. To overcome the various inconveniences felt by your child due to jet lag, there are several ways you can do, namely: 1. Give the child food when he gets on location When you arrive at the destination and the child is still awake, immediately give him food. This is because long trips and jet lag usually make children more hungry. However, avoid giving your child a large portion of food, especially one that contains high

Prepare a Healthy and Safe Children's Room

Most parents choose to sleep with their baby from birth. The reason is, to always be ready to look after the baby, especially when he needs you at night. In fact, it is important for you to teach your child to want to sleep in a child's room. But over time, sharing a room with Little is not a good thing and can interfere with your various activities, such as during sleep, intimate relationships with a partner, or if you have a second child. This is the time for you to prepare a separate children's room for Little One as the next stage of maturity. Do This to Teach It Sleep Alone Teaching your child to sleep alone is not an easy matter, because he may feel left out if you do it directly and not gradually. Before telling him to sleep alone in a child's room, then do the following things so that he is not surprised when sleeping alone, such as: Start teaching him to sleep alone in his room during the daytime. Because during the daytime, Little One tends not to be afraid